Finding the right insurance adviser is something most of us have had to battle with at some stage in our lives. Your insurance broker  is someone with whom you will hopefully have a long and mutually beneficial relationship with. As a result, identifying an adviser that you trust and respect is of the utmost importance.


How can i find an insurance broker i trust?

Finding an insurance adviser that you trust is easier than it sounds. With companies such as ours offering expert advice at no extra cost to the client, you really have nothing to lose by getting in touch with multiple advisers and finding one that you trust.

A good adviser will always have your interests as their number one priority, being able to identify that an adviser is making a concerted effort to understand your situation is crucial to building a trustworthy relationship.


Are advisers still neccessary with the ability to purchase insurance online?

The information age has impacted the way everyone goes about their lives. With all the information you could possibly need at the tip of your fingers, why would you need to consult an insurance broker?

The role insurance brokers play, as with most occupations, has evolved rapidly over the last 15 years. Like most professions, the perceived ability of an adviser to add value is what drives your decision to utilise their services or not.


How can a life insurance broker add value?

Fierce competition in the insurance market has resulted in an increased range of products as well as them becoming far more complex. Due to this, the role a life insurance adviser plays has never been more important. Below is a breakdown of the various stages in the advice process where your life insurance broker should be adding value.

  • Identifying your insurance needs – After gathering your personal information, your adviser needs to put forth their product and insurance reccomendations. Based on your stated objectives, the adviser will calculate the exact levels of insurance you require.

  • Finding the product that is right for you – No two insurance policies are the same. As a result, there will most likely be a product and provider that is more suited to your needs than others. As industry experts, an insurance adviser is able to identify what product will give you the most comprehensive level of cover at the most affordable premium available.

  • Claims management – In the unfortunate event of a claim, your adviser should be handling the process from beginning to end. Your adviser should be able to leverage their knowledge, experience as well as connections at the relevant insurer to ensure that your claim is resolved as speedily as possible. Being able to identify the full potential of your claim is another aspect of this where your adviser can show their worth. The amount of cases we have seen where a new client has not been aware of their ability to claim on an injury that they suffered while under the guidance of another adviser is staggering.

While the role of insurance brokers has developed in recent times, the need for quality advice has never been more important. Having the best product for your needs as well as an expert adviser in your corner come claim time is priceless. What’s more is that it’s an entirely free service.

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