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Curo Financial Services was formed in 2006 as two of the industries foremost life insurance specialists merged their practices. It was driven by the belief shared between the founding principals, Ian Satill and Ricky Lockitch, that all Australians deserve access to an expert financial adviser who will take care of and manage their ever changing needs. ‘Curo’ is Latin for ‘managing’ or ‘minding’ and this is exactly what we aim to do. Ensuring you receive the right advice is what drives us to do what we do.

Curo Financial Services’ prominence in the insurance advice industry has resulted in Curo being featured, mentioned and often interviewed in many industry publications. Curo’s prominence in industry related press is testament to our commitment to providing industry leading advice. To see some of the articles that feature Curo, click here.

Our Specialist Team

Curo Financial Services was founded in 2006 as two of the Australia’s leading Life insurance advisers merged their practices. It was driven by the belief shared between the founding principals that all Australians deserve access to an expert financial adviser who will take care of and manage their ever changing insurance. ‘Curo’ is Latin for ‘managing’ or ‘minding’ and this is the core principle of what we aim to deliver with your insurances,

Today, Curo Financial Services is led by its founding principal, Ian Satill, who along with a dedicated team of advisers and paraplanners continues to deliver the highest quality insurance advice to individuals, families and businesses across Australia.

Ian Satill

Ian Satill

Ian has been in the life insurance industry for over 38 years, having successfully run practices in two countries. Ian moved to Australia from South Africa in 1988 and began a young family in Sydney. Ian’s passion for the industry is due to the numerous times he has been fortunate to witness his clients’ lives being changed as a result of having suitable and adequate insurance. Being able to witness, first hand, the incredible difference that his advice can make to the livelihood of a family is what he finds so rewarding. 

Ian is a long time and current  member of MDRT, the world’s Premier Association of Financial Professionals and each year has obtained Top of The Table status ranking him among the very best in the profession. 

Ian has developed a standing and reputation in the industry which is a testament to the service and solutions he has offered his clients over many years.

Brent Satill

Brent is a Financial Adviser and has been in financial services since 2009. Brent has extensive experience in wealth protection advice, having worked with one of the largest insurers in Australia prior to beginning his career in financial advice. When Brent is not working for his clients, he is an avid viewer and participant in a wide range of sports, including football, Aussie rules, cricket and basketball.


  • Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales (Majoring in Finance and International Business)
  • Bachelor of Economics from the University of New South Wales (Majoring in Economic History)
  • Diploma of Financial Services
  • Accredited SMSF adviser
  • Member of the Association of Financial Advisers

Justin Mack

Justin is a recently qualified Financial Adviser. During the final year of his university degrees, Justin began working with Curo in 2015 as a Paraplanner and in this role he learnt the foundations and intricacies of strategic risk advice. Justin has developed extensive product knowledge and has handled many claims for our clients, assisting them at the time when they need us most. Whilst maintaining some Paraplanning responsibilities, Justin is transitioning to becoming an adviser and is looking forward to further helping clients achieve their financial goals. Outside the office, Justin leads an active lifestyle participating in and spectating a variety of sports, attending music events and spending time outdoors and at the beach.



  • Bachelor of Applied Finance from Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University
  • Diploma of Financial Services
  • Accredited SMSF Adviser

Behram Ali

Behram joined the Curo family in early 2017 and is our Senior Paraplanner. Behram facilitates the advisers at Curo in devising and implementing the best possible risk management strategies for our clients, as well as producing and overseeing the development of the advice documents provided to our clients. Behram also conducts in-depth research into each of the products we recommend to ensure our clients’ risk portfolios are tailored to their personal and financial circumstances. With his extensive product knowledge, Behram, alongside Justin, handles many claims on behalf of our clients from start to finish ensuring they receive the best outcome when they need it the most. Outside of work, Behram is also a musician and enjoys spending his free time exploring the beaches along the North Shore.



  • Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University (Majoring in Finance and Economics)
  • Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University (Majoring in Contemporary Music)

Curo Financial Services is affiliated with three other risk advisory
practices, Special Risk Managers, Cover Australia and Insurance Claims Advisers.

Our Business Partners

Insurance Claims Advisers is a subsidiary of Curo Financial Services that specialises in providing claims management services and advice to non-clients. Claims management is a field where expertise and experience make a significant difference to the outcome of a claim, not only in increasing the efficiency of payments but sometimes achieving results that would be otherwise unattainable. Through our expertise and experience, we are able to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their claim is being handled by industry leading advisers and that they receive the maximum benefits they are entitled.

Special Risk Managers is an insurance advisory practice that specialises in obtaining various forms of Life, Disability and Income Protection insurance for people with pre-existing health conditions. For over 10 years, Special Risk Managers has been obtaining insurance for clients who would normally be declined due to health reasons. We deal directly with clients who seek our service as well as work closely with other financial advisers who have been initially unable to obtain cover for their client and have turned to us to help them achieve a desired outcome.

Cover Australia is a strictly online offering that appeals to those who are looking for transactional based advice, as opposed to tailored personal advice. Cover Australia allows you to compare insurance quotes from all of Australia’s major insurance companies and see which products are most affordable for you.

Our positioning in the industry has enabled Curo Financial Services develop executive level relationships with many of Australia’s leading insurance companies. We work closely with these companies with whom we place our business and nurture these relationships to in turn provide a service to our clients that is of the highest quality. Australia’s leading insurance companies that we work closely with include TAL, Zurich, ClearView Life, CommInsure, OnePath, PPS Mutual, AIA, MLC, BT Life, Asteron and AMP.

Insurers We Work With

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